TravelInsuranceKenya.co.ke is an online directory of resources for those looking to find out more about travel insurance covers on the Kenyan market. Being well informed can mean saving as much as 50% when shopping around for cover online, understanding to look for when comparing different products and providers. When it comes to travel insurance, there is no one size fits all. Different providers have different offers, travel insurance is priced basing on destination, duration, age of travel, number of travelers, purpose of travel, limits of liability and a few other factors.

We are affiliated to the leading online insurance aggregator in the Kenyan market, pesabazaar.com. Consumers can compare quotes from over 15 providers and buy insurance covers online, bringing transparency and convenience to the Kenyan market.

Who is it for ?

TravelInsuranceKenya.co.ke is a free and public resource for all consumers who are considering taking a travel insurance cover for their journey, for business, pleasure and adventure. The most common group of consumers are looking for travel insurance as a requirement for visas to schengen countries and other worldwide destinations. If you are looking for a cover fulfill the visa requirements, you are curious about travel insurance or you planning to travel, then you are in the right place. Get all the right info about the different options available in the market. Get tips and tricks to understand the travel insurance products better, saving you money and time when shopping around.

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