Madison Travel Insurance Kenya

Madison is a composite insurance company in Kenya offering general, medical, life insurance products for a wide variety of clients. In addition it also offers investment services under the Madison investment managers brand. It has 4 different funds, which are very popular in the Kenyan retail market.
Headquartered in Upper Hill Nairobi, it is a top tier insurance provider in the Kenyan market with a recognisable brand presence. Founded in 1988 it has evolved to become a powerhouse in the financial services industry boasting an asset base of over KSh 5 billions
Among its most popular products is the Bima Ya Karo product which allows parents to save up for school fees for their children over the policy period. From as low as KSh 10,000 they can guarantee the education of their loved ones even in the unfortunate event of illness, disability or even death.

Travel Insurance

Madison has a new and revamped product in the market to replace its original Safari Travel Insurance with a brand new product in partnership with the Spanish insurance company MAPFRE. The product is now called Madison Travel Protect. It has 6 new plans tailored for different travellers namely the Africa, Asia, Europe and Worldwide (Basic, Plus, Extra)
The Madison Travel Protect is also on the panel of approved travel insurance products for the Schengen visa as per this link

Benefit Limit (USD)
Medical expenses and hospitalisation 15,000
Emergency medical evacuation in case of illness or accident 15,000
Emergency dental care 100
Repatriation of mortal remains 10,000
Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured 1,500
24 hours assistance services Covered
Delivery of medicines (services only) Covered
Loss of passport, Driving licence, National ID card abroad 500
Compensation for In-flight loss of checked-in baggage 1,500
Luggage Delay 250
Forwarding of baggage and personal belongings Actual Cost

The Africa / Asia Plan showing benefits and limits of liability in USD


This is once again of the most affordable plans on the market today. It starts from as low as USD 11 for up to 4 days of travel within the African continent. For those interested in the Schengen visa option, it starts from as low as USD 14 for up to 4 days of travel across Europe. The Worldwide option starts from USD 26 for 4 days of travel.

Travel Insurance Quote

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Top 5 Budget Holiday Destinations To Visit 2020

The new year 2020 is upon us yet again and many have ‘Travel More’ as one of their New Years Resolutions. The internet has done a great job in demystifying many parts of the world that we previously had no information about. It is now quick and easy to plan a trip all at your finger tips. Nairobi is a fantastic hub in East Africa boasting of amazing airline connections to allover the globe. In addition, most Kenyans will not find the cost of living in many tourist destinations that much different from that back home. Here are the some of the best value holidays for 2020.

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations common with the American and European travellers. The East Asian country boasts of some of the most famous beaches and resorts in Bali. It is exotic yet very affordable, managing to attract a large number of budget conscious tourists.

East Nusa Tenggara is often overlooked by the majority of tourists, these islands are home to pristine beaches and one of Indonesia’s best diving scene can be found on the Alor Archipelago. For those looking for a quieter and less crowded experience, this is the place to visit Close by is the Komodo island which is intentionally high priced to limit the number of tourists in order to protect the eponymous dragon population.

Budapest, Hungary

Among the most visited and renown sites in Central Europe, you will find Budapest to be very rewarding on your pocket which still giving you a memorable tourist experience. Check out the less visited thermal baths where for a few dollars you can get to wallow in the warm waters the city is famous for. It is also popular for buzzing wine bars, edgier ruin bars and the city’s renowned café culture. Don’t forget to visit the Keleti Station all absolutely free of charge.

Madhya Pradesh, India.

For the wild life lovers, there is wildlife spotting with a difference in this part of India. To start off, this wildlife adventure will cost you far less than an equivalent safari in Africa.

In Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife reserves, including Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park, there’s lots to see beyond tigers; you might spy wild boar, spotted deer and langur monkeys. Much as you are not guaranteed to see all the big five animals just like in the Masai Mara and Serengeti of Africa, you should still be able to see a few species as the numbers recover.


Located South of the Russian capital Moscow, this little known country presents another unique destination still budget friendly for the accommodation, good and experiences on offer. Baku also hosts one of the Asian legs of the Formula One circuit, coinciding with its peak tourist season.

Baku with its Caspian Sea waterfront is home to ambitious architecture, fresh museums and a cosmopolitan air, energised by a growing global profile. Azerbaijan is also home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely the Walled City of Baku with Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower, Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Historic Centre of Sheki with Khan’s Palace.


Tunisia is one of the crown jewels of North Africa and it is a good place to dip your toes into North Africa at a reasonable cost. Similar to Morocco and Egypt, it has made great efforts to win back visitors after the Arab spring meaning it offers terrific value for travellers.

Tunis Medina, the remains of the ancient Carthage and beachside suburb of Sidi Bou Said offer a contrast to beach delights. Not to forget the easily accessible Saharan dunes, where Luke Skywalker first stared at twin suns, and the country’s traditional Dar guesthouses, offering colorful and characterful accommodation.

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INBOUND Travel Insurance KENYA

The most popular type of travel insurance in Kenya is the Schengen travel insurance. This is taken by over 30,000 travellers annually because it is a mandatory requirement for the Schengen visa application process. Second is the international travel insurance cover for travellers to Asia, North America and the rest of Europe. Less common is the INBOUND travel insurance covers which are targeted at NON Kenya citizens / residents visiting Kenya for short stays for business or holidays. These cover the insured against emergency medical expenses, loss of baggage, personal effects, accidental death among the most important risks. Many of these travellers also tend to buy their travel insurances from their home countries before setting off. Here are 3 of the best options available locally for visitors travelling to Kenya.

AIG Inbound Travel Insurance

AIG is the leader in the travel insurance market in Kenya. From its global brand, it has taken advantage to position itself in the local market as the underwriter of choice for the mid to high end customers. It offers at least six travel insurance options and the inbound travel cover is one of them. Among the benefits of this package are Emergency medical expenses up to USD 100,000. Dental Expenses up to USD 1,000. Assistance for Cash Advances, Consular Referral, Emergency Travel and Accommodation services. In addition, it also includes a personal accident cover upon death of up to USD 25,000.
Prices start from USD 25 for up to 7 days of travel insurance.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro – Kenya
BRITAM Travel Insurance

BRITAM also offers 4 travel insurance plans namely Gold, Premium, Schengen and Student covers. The Premium plan also doubles as the INBOUND travel insurance for visitors coming to Kenya. It offers up to USD 100,000 for emergency medical expenses, USD 1,000 for loss of checked baggage, cover for loss of passport, hijack, cancellation and curtailment and personal liability cover of up to USD 200,000. Emergency assistance while on policy is provided by Specialty Assistance.

SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE will provide a complete medical assistance service to the Insured. Operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year, SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE provides medical assistance for the Insured anywhere in the world and can be accessed by telephone or fax:
Prices start from USD 31 for up to 7 days of travel.

UAP OLD MUTUAL Incoming Travel Insurance

UAP OLD Mutual is another underwriter offering inbound travel insurance for foreign visitors coming to Kenya. Among the 7 plans it offers, the INCOMING option is among the most popular. The product is underwritten by the French insurance giant AXA. Under this INCOMING plan, emergency medical expenses are covered up to USD 120,000. There is also a daily hospital cash benefit of USD of up to USD 250. Personal accident payouts of USD 10,000 and USD 25,000 for Accident Death and Accidental Disablement respectively. In addition, there is also cover for Baggage, Personal Effects loss of up to USD 1,000 making this a very comprehensive travel insurance.
Prices start from USD 26 for up to 8 days of travel insurance cover

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Kenya Schengen Visa Fees Set to Rise

Kenyans travelling to European Union countries on a Schengen visa will pay at least KSh2,265 more in fees starting from February.

The higher charges come into force after the European Union Council adopted an updated Schengen Visa code. All Schengen visa applicants making applications after February 2020 will pay fees on this updated price structure.

Consequently, the Schengen visa fees will increase by 33.3 percent to €80 (KSh9,060) from €60 (KSh6,795) from February after the amended regulation came into force.

Children too will have to pay more at €40 (Sh4,530) instead of €35 (Sh3,964) paid currently.

The new code is, however, expending the period within which an application can be lodged from three months to six months in advance of a trip giving travellers plenty more time to plan their trips and visa applications.

What is a Schengen Visa

A Schengen visa is a short-stay permit that allows visitors to Europe to travel to any of the 26 states, which are members of the Schengen area, up to 90 days for tourism or business.

It enables the holder to enter, freely travel within, and leave the Schengen zone from any of the member countries which include Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France and Germany among other European Union nations.

An increasing number of Kenyans have been seeking Schengen visas as travel to Europe for tourism takes root, with popular destinations including Mediterranean resort cities.

According to the updated regulations, Kenyans applying through an external visa service provider may, however, have to pay up to €160 (Sh18,120) per visa application, if the external service providers set the maximum service fee permitted, which is €80.

Statistics by show that in 2018, Schengen embassies and consulates in Kenya processed 38,503 visa applications, 4,769 of which were rejected, representing an acceptance rate of 87.6 percent.

Germany was the top country for visa submission, as 6,142 of the applications submitted in Kenya were for Schengen visas to Germany, followed by France with 5,059 and the Netherlands with 4,406 applications.

In terms of expenditure, in 2018, Kenyan citizens spent €2.31 million (Sh261.6 million) on visa applications to Europe, €286,140 (Sh32.4 million) of which was spent by applicants who had their visa applications rejected.

Looking for travel insurance for a Schengen visa?

One of the requirements for a Schengen visa application is a travel insurance cover for the Schengen region of countries covering a minimum of EUROS 30,000. If you need to get the right cover, compare quotes and save up to 30%, get in touch with us. Prices start as low as KSh 2,000. Give us a call or start an online chat

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Best Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

Travel insurance is one of the most common products in the Kenyan market. Travellers are increasingly becoming aware of the value of having cover while they go about their holidays/business in foreign countries. Having the peace of mind can greatly add to the experience when traveller overseas. More insurance companies in Kenya are introducing tailored and innovative products which has also brought down the cost of travel insurance covers. This product is sometimes referred to as travel medical insurance because the emergency medical expenses liability is perhaps the most important and critical on the policy as well being the highest.

Why Travel Insurance for Seniors?

This is the age group that is generally considered to be 65 years and above. Because of their advanced age, insurance industry perceives them as slightly at more risk and so this is reason there is special travel insurance packages for this age band. Some of the reasons why this is so are below:

  • More likely to require emergency medical attention
  • More likely to lose luggage
  • At risk from pickpockets and thieves
  • More likely to miss flight connections at busy airports/stations

The below are some of the most popular and affordable travel medical insurance packages for the seniors travellers from Kenya.


Fidelity insurance is another provider that offers a unique product for the seniors market. It is a comprehensive cover with up to USD 200,000 for emergency medical expenses making it the most executive product on the Kenyan market. It covers for emergency optical and dental expense, up to USD 400 each. In addition it has generous limits for loss and theft of luggage and personal effects, luggage delay and travel delay up to USD 400 each. This cover is only available to members in the age bracket of 71-85 years.
Pricing starts at USD 74 for up to 8 days of travel.

AIG Travel Guard InsuranceAIG

AIG is one of the leading insurance companies in the world. In AIG is known for great products and top quality service in the market. It offers a number of travel insurances under the travelguard suite and one of them is the seniors cover. It has a limit for emergency medical expenses cover of USD 75,000 and USD 500 for emergency optical and dental medical expenses. It is a full comprehensive cover that also provides up to USD 1,500 for cancellation or curtailment of travel and up to USD 1,000 for theft or damage of luggage among other benefits. Travellers have to be 71-80 years of age and the cover is world wide. Pricing starts at USD 100 for the first 6 days of travel.

Benefit Limit (USD)
Medical Expenses 75,000 excess 200
Medical Evacuation, repatriation 25,000
Optical expenses – bodily injury include 500
Dental expenses – bodily injury include 500
Accidental Death 10,000
Lost Passport Assistance Assistance services
Legal Assistance Abroad 1,000
Return of mortal remains or burial expenses 20,000
Journey Cancellation 1,5000 excess 50
Journey Curtailment 1,5000 excess 50
Theft or Damage of Baggage 1,000
Baggage Single Item Limit – Theft or Damage 25% of benefit limit
Accidental Loss of Baggage 1,000
Baggage Single Item Limit – Accidental Loss 25% of benefit limit

Table showing a summary of some of the benefits of the AIG Seniors TravelGuard


UAP in partnership with Old Mutual also offers special packages for seniors travelling overseas. It is a worldwide cover with limits of up to USD 100,000 for the emergency medical expenses. It also covers up to USD 200 for emergency dental and optical expenses each. For one to qualify for this package, they must be between 76- 85 years of age. It also covers travel delays and cancellation and loss and delay of baggage. It is a full comprehensive cover in partnership with the global insurance company AXA.
Price starts from USD 103 for up to 8 days of travel.


OCCIDENTAL insurance has some of the most affordable travel covers on the market. It has partnered with MAPFRE to offer these low cost covers for Asia, Africa, Europe and Worldwide. The limits for the emergency medical expenses start from as low as USD 15,000 up to USD 100,000 depending on the option selected. All travellers from 18 years to 65 years pay full price, for example the Worldwide Extra travel insurance plan with total limit of USD 100,000 starts from USD 19 for up to 7 days travel. For those above that age group, the following rates apply.

Age band Insurance premium loading
66 – 75 50%
76 – 80 100%
81 – 90 300% (only Europe covers apply)

If you are looking for a quote for a seniors medical insurance, compare the benefits and limits, providers and last but not least the prices. Get in touch with us to explore at least 10 quotes online for your travel insurance.


Best Overseas Student Travel Insurance

Each year, thousands of students from Kenya travel overseas to pursue primary, secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The most common destinations for Kenyan students include USA, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa and many parts of Europe. In addition, many education agencies in Kenya are helping Kenyan students to access study opportunities overseas, they assist students to get school/university admissions, accommodations and travel arrangements. May and June months are very active on the education calendar, many overseas universities hold exhibitions in the country to attract scholars. One of the requirements for a student going overseas is a travel insurance cover. This is mainly mandated by the respective embassies when students are applying for their student visa from Kenya.

WHY Student travel insurance?

A student cover is critical to guarantee peace of mind for the student and their parents/guardians. It covers against emergency medical expenses, emergency repatriation and public liabilities while the student is overseas. The student travel insurance is different from a traditional travel insurance policy because it allows for a continuous stay for over 90 days. Traditional policies don’t allow for any single journey to be more than 90 continuous days.

When buying a student travel insurance plan, note to check the geographical region covered and also the age restriction of the applicant. Some policies limit the maximum age of the student to 25 or 35 years while others are open. Below we look at some of the popular student travel insurance policies in Kenya.


Occidental has some of the most affordable travel insurance packages on the Kenyan market. Partnered with MAPFRE, it offers travel insurance covers from as low as USD 10 for travel up to 8 days.

For students going to study outside Kenya, it offers 2 distinct packages namely CLASSIC and PREMIUM. Both packages offer cover worldwide except in the country of residence (Kenya). The CLASSIC package offers emergency medical expenses limit of USD 60,000 while the PREMIUM packages goes up to SD 100,000. Most of the other benefits are fairly similar ranging from dental care, repatriation, legal defence, personal civil liability etc

When it comes to cost, the CLASSIC package starts at USD 299 for travel of up to 6 months while the PREMIUM starts at USD 366 for the same duration


AIG Kenya is the leader in travel insurance covers on the market, it offers 6 packages for overseas travel and also for foreigners visiting and travelling within Kenya. For Kenyan students pursuing their studies outside, it has 1 package which is worldwide. It has an emergency medical expenses limit of USD 60,000 which also includes cover for dental and optical expenses. The package also covers for journey cancellation and curtailment, delay and loss of baggage and also bodily injury and material damage liabilities up to USD 50,000. For the pricing, it starts at USD 200 for up to 3 months of duration and goes to USD 350 for the annual policy.
Note: The students on this policy can only be 16 years and not more than 35 years.


UAP Old Mutual is one of the power houses in the financial services in the region. In Kenya it is also a general insurance provider. For travel insurance, it has partnered with Inter Partner Assistance to offer coverage for travellers worldwide. It offers 7 packages for travel insurance customers and one of them is the Student plan. It covers up to USD 75,000 for emergency medical expenses limit and aggregate limit. It also has a limit of USD 200 for both dental and optical medical expenses.
The prices start from USD 112 for up to 1 month up to USD 324 for the annual package.
Note: There is a maximum age limit of 30 years for students on this package.


This is one of the most popular travel covers on the market offered by MAPFRE. It has 2 options on this policy, Worldwide OPTION 1 and Worldwide OPTION 2. Option 1 is worldwide excluding country of residence (Kenya), USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Option 2 excludes country of residence (Kenya), it is therefore a bit more costly.
It covers up to USD 70,000 in case of emergency medical expenses and hospitalisation while abroad. It also has USD 400 for dental medical expenses. In addition it has cover for loss of ID documents and delay or loss of checked in baggage. Lastly it covers USD 10,000 for personal civil liability
The price for Option 1 starts at USD 273 for 6 months duration and USD 311 for the option 2.


CIC has 5 travel insurance packages on the market, a leading brand and still one of the most affordable especially for shorter durations. The Student plan covers up to USD 45,000 for emergency medical related expenses. The covers for other costs like dental and optical expenses, journey cancellation and curtailment, delay, and personal liability of USD 50,000. The package starts from USD 30 for up to 8 days of travel. For the annual package, the package for USD 352.
Note: The maximum limit for the age of the student under this policy is 25 years.


If you need more information on the student travel insurance policy for Kenyan student travelling overseas for their studies. Get in touch with us via our online chat, telephone or visit


AAR Travel Insurance

AAR insurance Kenya is one of the most well known health insurance companies in the East African market. Although the head office and largest market is in Kenya, it is also registered in Uganda and Tanzania offering health insurance covers for individuals, families, groups, SMEs and corporates.

In Kenya, AAR also offers a wide range of general insurance products after having obtained licensing from the insurance regulator IRA. It offers professional indemnity, Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.

AAR insurance is now the second biggest medical insurance company in Kenya after Jubilee Insurance. For the calendar year 2018, AAR underwrote a total premium of KSh 5.6 billions to Jubilee’s KSh 6.7 billions of the total medical insurance premiums for the year of KSh 38.4 billions.

Travel Insurance

There are two options for travel insurance for clients of AAR. These are the travel insurance offered as part of the standard medical insurance plans and secondly, the stand-alone travel insurance plan.

Using the AAR medical insurance cover, clients are covered for medical emergencies while overseas for up to 45 days of travel, this is quite similar with health insurance plans on the market. Seasoned travellers require more coverage beyond medical expenses and these include travel delays, cancellations and also loss of baggage, all of which are not covered on this option.

The AAR travel insurance plan is the all round package for travellers, it is made up of 3 options which is the Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. Similar to other travel insurance providers, these differ in terms of the cover and limits for emergency medical expenses.

The Gold plan offers a limit up to USD 100,000, Silver Plan USD 60,000 and lastly Bronze at USD 50,000. The rest of the benefits and liabilities on these plans are quite evenly matched boasting similar covers for travel delays, cancellations and also baggage losses

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

AAR insurance has a partnership with Specialty Assistance to offer emergency rescue and other services to clients overseas. The company has a wide network of providers across the globe to give customers 24hrs assistance and peace of mind. Below are their emergency contacts.

Specialty Assist Limited
Europoint, 5-11 Lavington Street, London.
SEI 0NZ Tel 020 7902 7400 Fax 020 7928 4748 Email:
London SEI 0NZ:
SEI 0NZ, T+ 44 (0) 20 7902 7405, F +44 (0) 20 7928 4748

T+1 215 489 3785, F+ l 215 489 8525

T +27 10 209 8300, F +27 10 209 8405

Asia Pacific
T +662 645 3932, F +662 645 3732

Table showing benefits and limits of liability of the AAR GOLD travel insurance cover

Travel Plan GOLD
Personal Accident – DEA TH/PTD US$25,000
Emergency Medical Expenses and related expenses US$100,000
Emergency Dental Care US$600
Repatriation of Mortal Remains US$5000
Hospital Benefits US$40 per day maximum of US$ 200
Follow Up Treatment In Your Country Of Residence US$ 1,000
Loss of Checked Baggage US$1000
Delayed Baggage US$50 per each 12 hour period of delay US$50 per 12 Hours but maximum US$250
Personal Liability US$200,000
Hijack US$50 per each 24 hour period of detention US$500
Loss of passport US$500
Cancellation and curtailment US$1000
Travel delay US$10 per 12 hrs up to a maximum of US$100
AAR Travel insurance rates

Pricing of the travel plans depends on the duration of travel and is bundled in number of days with the smallest being duration of up to 7 days. Prices start from USD 28 per for the BRONZE travel insurance plan for travel durations of up to 7 days. This is suited for customers applying for Schengen insurance as a visa requirement.

If you are shopping around for a travel insurance plan for Kenyan citizens or residents for overseas travel, get in touch with us to discuss what kind of options are available for you. Start a chat with an agent online or simply visit this page for a online comparison of covers available.

BRITAM Kenya Travel Insurance

BRITAM is one of the biggest financial corporations in the East and Central Africa listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange under the ticker ‘BRIT’. BRITAM group offers a wide range of financial products and services in Insurance, Asset management, Banking and Property. In Kenya, it is a top 5 insurance company in General, Medical and Life insurances. It boasts the largest Direct Sales Force (DSF) in the life insurance business in Kenya.

In real estate, the BRITAM Tower in Upper Hill Nairobi is one of the most iconic buildings in Kenya soaring 195 metres and 32 floors above Nairobi’s skyline.

Travel Insurance

The BRITAM insurance policy provides 24 hours emergency medical assistance, personal accident cover, compensation for travel delay and loss of traveller’s property and other travel related contingencies arising during the trip.

BRITAM has 4 options for the travel insurance package namely GOLD, PREMIUM, SCHENGEN and STUDENT options. The highest coverage is provided by the GOLD option of up to USD 150,000 for emergency medical expenses followed by the PREMIUM option at USD 100,000.

BRITAM has partnered with Specialty Assistance, to provide complete medical assurance service to the insured worldwide. The company has offices across the globe and has a large network of medical and emergency services providers for clients while travelling overseas. For any emergencies while on travel overseas, Specialty Assistance must be contacted immediately, in the event of an Insured dying, incurring medical expenses in excess of US$500, being involved in an accident, or being admitted to hospital.

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Below is a summary of the benefits and limits available on the BRITAM Schengen travel insurance policy

Benefit/Liability Limits in USD
Personal Accident Death/PTD 10,000
Emergency medical expenses / evacuation 60,000
Emergency Dental Care 500
Repatriation of mortal remains 5,000
Hospital benefits NIL
Loss of Checked Baggage 1,0000
Delayed baggage ($50 per each 12hr period of delay ($50 per each 12hr period of delay) max 250
Personal Liability 200,000
Hijack ($50 for each 24hr period of detention) 500
Loss of Passport 500
Cancellation and Curtailment 1,000
Travel Delay $10 for each 12hr period of delay up to max $100
War and Terrorism Optional – Covered at an additional premium of 25% of the Basic premium
BRITAM Travel insurance rates

Like most travel insurance plans in Kenya, this is the charged in blocks of days. For the GOLD plan start from USD 38 for travel worldwide up to 7 days. The most popular plan is the Schengen plan which starts as low as USD 27 for up to 7 days of travel. If you want to get a quote for BRITAM travel insurance and compare 10 quotes online, visit





APA GlobeTrotter Travel Insurance

APA is one of the largest financial services providers in the East African region having been founded in 1981

It is a composite insurance company offering medical, general and life insurance products to individuals, families, SMEs and Corporates.

Among it’s most popular products is the APA Jamii Plus medical insurance cover for individuals and families. It is a comprehensive health insurance plan covering inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental and optical expenses. APA is also a powerhouse in the motor insurance business and has a strong claims experience reputation in the market.

APA is also well known for the asset management business under the APOLLO Asset management brand. It has 3 popular products the Apollo Balanced Fund, Apollo Equity Fund, Apollo Money Market Fund.

Travel Insurance

Like other top insurance companies in the Kenyan market, APA has partnered with Specialty Assistance to offer international assistance to customers on this travel cover. These are among the biggest international rescue and assistance companies in the world.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

When it comes to the cover, the APA travel insurance covers travellers from the age of 6 months all the way to 80 years old. The main risks covered are

  • Personal Accident
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal Liability
  • Travel Delay / Missed Departure
  • Hijack
  • Loss of Baggage & Documents

The GlobeTrotter travel insurance is divided into 7 different packages below:

Cover Option Emergency Medical Expenses (USD)
Africa 15,000
Asia 15,000
Europe 75,000
Worldwide Basic 100,000
Worldwide Superior 150,000
Silver 200,000
Platinum 250,000

How Much Does it Cost?

The plans offer cover to all members up to the age of 65 years of age. Any members above that are charged an extra 25 – 100% up to the age of 80 years. In addition, for ages over 70 years, a medical report may be required.

Popular on this plans is the Africa plan which starts at just USD 14 per travellers on the African continent up to 7 days duration

Also popular is the Europe plan which covers the entire continent including the Schengen region. It starts at just USD 26 for up to 7 days travel.



If you are a looking to compare different travel insurance covers online, see different benefits and limits, companies and potentially save on your travel plan, check out this link to get a quote from 10 different providers instantly
Prices start from USD 10!


List of Approved Schengen Travel Insurance Companies in Kenya

For all travellers from Kenya travelling to the Schengen region, a travel insurance cover is required as part of the application process. The Schengen region is a product of the free movement brought about by the creation of the European Union and launch of the Euro in 2000. As a result, members of the European Union can move and work in member states without requiring special permits or documentation. The Schengen is a subset of the European Union member countries meaning not all European countries are members of the Schengen region. With the pending exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (BREXIT) many sceptics are questioning the future of the bloc.

Some of the notable countries not in the Schengen region include

United Kingdom






Why Travel Insurance?

The Schengen region requires all travellers from non-Schengen countries to have approved travel insurance with a minimum liability of 30,000 Euros for emergency medical expenses.  This is to cater for any emergencies like accidents or sudden illness while in the Schengen region. Therefore, the traveller does not encroach on the host state’s medical services in this event. One of the main problems that European countries have been facing in the last 20 years is free medical tourism. This is where travellers from lower income countries mainly Asia and Africa visit European nations and seek medical attention, which is state funded and therefore free of charge. A good example of this is the National Health Service (NHS) in England, which has suffered under the strain of health tourists.

How Does It Work?

The travel insurance policy purchased in Kenya is sold by a local insurance company in the market and distributed through travel agencies, insurance brokers and agents, online portals like and more. The local insurance company offers this policy on behalf of an international insurance company or global assistance/rescue company like AIG, Mapfre, Linkham, Assistencia, etc. In case of emergency assistance while travelling abroad, customers can contact these international companies from the contact details noted on the travel insurance policy document.

Compare 10 SCHENGEN insurance quotes online!

List of approved insurance companies in Kenya

As of 21st November 2018, these are the companies that are pre – approved to offer travel insurance for the Schengen region.


List last updated 21st November 2018. Original document

Need A Travel Insurance Quote?

If you are looking for a travel insurance quote for the Schengen visa applicaiotn, you can compare up to 10 different companies online by visiting . Compare benefits, limits and excesses, you could save up to 30% off your cover.
Prices start from KSh 2,100!