How To Compare Travel Insurance Quotes in Kenya

When getting a travel insurance cover, compare and compare to get a great deal!

With the ever-increasing number of business and leisure travellers visiting Europe, Asia and America, travel insurance is becoming more and more popular. While many customers purchase this cover as a requirement for the different visa application processes, others are increasingly becoming aware of the value of being insured. In fact, according to the, there were close to 39,000 Kenyans who applied for visas to the Schengen region in 2018, an all time high figure! Buying a travel insurance policy allows the customer to enjoy their holidays in peace and tranquillity knowing everything will be ok in case of an emergency. So, when shopping for a travel insurance cover, here are some tips to help you get a saving!

Geographical Location Covered

When choosing a travel insurance policy, you can save on cost by taking a region specific cover. In Kenya, overseas travel insurances are priced depending on the region that the customer is traveller to. The most affordable covers are for Africa and Asia. North America (USA and Canada) are the most expensive regions and travel insurance policies covering those 2 countries tend to cost more. Also, for travellers going to Europe, it is important to distinguish between Schengen and Europe. The Schengen covers normally have slightly lower limits and don’t cover the entire European continent therefore they are noticeably cheaper!

Note: When taking a world wide travel insurance cover, make sure to check that it includes USA and Canada. This is because many world wide travel insurances exclude these two countries, the customer has to pay more premiums if they want to include them.

Limits of Liability

This is one of the often-ignored terms when customers are seeking for a cheap travel insurance cover. The main limit of liability on overseas travel insurance policies is the emergency medical expenses cover. This may range from as low as USD 10,000 to as much as USD 1 Million. Due to the risk of travellers falling gravely ill or having an accident during their travels, the costs arising from this can be un bearable. For example, a traveller suffering a leg fracture while in the USA can face hospital bills of up to USD 50,000! This is an amount of money that can possibly bankrupt an individual. It is important therefore that when selecting a travel insurance policy, choose one with decent limits advisably at least USD 100,000.

Note: The Schengen visa application requires applicants to have a travel insurance policy with emergency medical expenses of at least EUR 30,000. For a detailed comparison of the cheapest Schengen travel insurance plans, check out this blog post

Annual Travel Insurance Plan

Could an annual travel insurance plan be the right one for you? For frequent travellers, having to buy a travel insurance cover each time you are travelling can be time consuming and also costly. There exists in the market providers with open annual covers that allow a customer to use the policy on demand. The only limitation on these covers is that any one trip can not be more than 90 days unless express permission is sought from the insurance company.

Duration of Travel

Also check on the number of days that you are travelling before you purchase the cover. Travel insurance policies in Kenya are normally priced in bands, for example 1- 8 days, 9-14 days, etc. This means that any number of days falling within a particular band will be charged the same premiums. Check to make sure that you don’t exceed a given band so that you are not charged extra for no real need.

Policy Excesses

It is also important to check on the excess on the different terms on the policy. The main terms with excesses on them are the emergency medical expenses which normally has an excess of USD 50 for outpatient visits. The travel terms like loss of checked baggage, flight delay and cancellation also have excesses. These may be time or monetary excesses depending on the cover. For example, some travel insurance policies state that for flight delays, the time excess is the first 6 hours, before this the customer cannot claim for re-reimbursements on the policy

Insurance Premiums Rates

Last but not least is the total premiums paid by the customer. Check out different insurance companies, benefits and packages to make sure you are getting a good deal. Prices can vary by as much as 30% for packages with similar benefits depending on the provider chosen. Therefore, it’s important to compare, compare!

Compare Travel Insurance Covers Online

So, how do you go about easily and quickly getting a good deal on your travel insurance? Many consumers are now using online comparison websites like to compare up to 10 quotes from different providers instantly. You could save up to 30% simply by comparing benefits, region covered and policy excesses.


In our series on top tourist destinations around the world, we explore Europe and give some of the most notable sights to visit on the continent

Around 1.8 million years, the first humans from Africa arrived in the continent of Europe and by 16,000 BCE, human civilizations were already flourishing in most of Europe. The continent since then has undergone many transformations; e.g rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the renaissance period, and even both World Wars; all of which have left a history in the European culture, architecture, cuisine and even fashion. It is these history and culture that developed and are still prospering in Europe that most travellers would like to explore and learn more of.

Given its vast size, the continent has innumerable and bedazzling travel destinations. Below is a sneak preview of some of the popular destinations.


Italy is a must stop destination for travellers to Europe. It has set its mark as a destination point for shoppers, business persons and those travelling for the sheer pleasure of having a good time, as the fashion, cuisine and culture are all extraordinary experiences.

St. Peter’s Square is one of the largest, most beautiful and breathtaking squares in the world. Located in the Vatican City in Rome, the square was designed by Bernini in the seventeenth century and houses over 300,000 people. The Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica are also places one must visit while in Rome.

Venice, also known as the sinking city of canals, offers travellers the extraordinary sight of palaces perched atop underwater poles. Travellers can marvel at the sight as they take Gondola rides along the canals. Equally, one can have a view of the city and the Grand Canal from the Ponte di Rialto Bridge.

Other activities a traveller can engage in in Italy include taking a boat ride on Lake Como, wine tasting in the vineyards of Tuscany, visiting the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa, the Statue of David and Renaissance treasures in Florence and the Islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Outdoor activities include skiing the Italian alps, hiking the Cinque Terre and trekking through Sardinia. One may also attend opera in Verona’s Roman arena, learn how to make homemade pasta in Bologna, see the preserved ancient city of Pompeii or for fashionistas visit the Gucci Museo museum.


One can travel back and forth in time as they visit the olden forts, castles, palaces, museums, universities and parks in the mini-continent of Britain. With advanced transport modes such as electric trains and modern buses, one can traverse the region with minimum time spent in transit.

The 1000 year old Tower of London on the banks of river Thames was a former palace and prison. History lovers can see the armor, weaponry and the crown Jewels which are all on display here. At the Buckingham palace, home to the Britain’s Royal Family, visitors can witness the pompous changing of the Guard and even tour the Palace’s state rooms. While still in London, one can also visit the Parliament Buildings, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey which is a location of many royal weddings.

Outside London, the city of Bath which is named after its famous Roman baths is another travel destination with visitors frequenting it for its healing waters. much as one can’t actually bath in the water from the three hot springs because its temperature is 46.50C, a visit to one of the many spas in the city will surely make you feel healed. The Royal Crescent museum in the city also gives visitors an idea of what life was like during the Georgian times.

Cambridge and Oxford universities are famous universities known all over the world and some of the oldest higher learning institutions in the world. A visit to either university gives one the chance to explore the UK’s largest collection of preserved historic buildings; with oldest being founded way back in 1284. Most of these are located in Cambridge University.

A trip to the UK will not be complete without visiting some of earth’s oldest World Heritage Sites. Ancient Stonehenge was erected over 4,500 years ago as a place of worship and here, visitors are not only awed by the magnificent monument but also the scale of human ingenuity. Just 16 Kilometers south of Stonehenge is the medieval city of Salisbury which is home to an original Magna Carta. The cathedrals in the old city date back to 1220 and as one wanders  in the city, they can marvel at the medieval architecture.

Needless to say, UK is home to renown football club such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool just to name a few. I bet watching a soccer match at the old Trafford stadium will be a big check on most travellers’ to-do lists.


A stop in France is a mandatory for travellers to Europe. Disney land is also another major destination point, for children and adults alike.

The Capital, Paris, receives over 45 million visitors annually. It is renowned for its romantic ambience, and command in industries like business, entertainment, gastronomy, fashion and art and culture. Thousands of selfies out here should pay homage to the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Other iconic landmarks in the ‘City of Love’ are Arc de Triomphe , Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay. The river Seine which flows right through the heart of Paris is not only a commerce and transportation avenue but also offers viewers a reflection of the modern city.

A trip to the Bordeaux vineyards for wine enthusiasts will surely satisfy their palates as here one can taste some of the highest quality wines and champagnes the world has to offer, right from the casks.

For nature enthusiasts, the French Alps is the ultimate destination, with Mont Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps) being the most famous sight. Given the magnificent scenery in the area, most visitors engage in outdoor activities including mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and biking.

While in Europe, one can attend the infamous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and take part in this famous beer festival.  While in still Germany, one can visit the remaining standing portions of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstag in Berlin. The buzzing night life in Cologne will be a fun way to cap a trip in the country.


If you are travelling to Europe, don’t forget to get a comprehensive travel insurance cover against any emergency medical expenses in case of an accident. It also covers against travel delays, lost passport/IDs, delayed and lost buggage. To compare quotes online and get a good deal on your Europe travel insurance, check out

RESOLUTION Travel Insurance

Resolution insurance together with the international partnership with Linkham Services offers one of the most popular travel insurance covers on the Kenya market starting from KSh 1,308!

To offer the travel covers in the Kenyan market, Resolution started a partnership with Linkham Services. Thanks to this partnership established in 2013, Resolution travel insurance can be issued online electronically 24hrs 7 days a week and customers are covered worldwide for emergency assistance thanks to its expansive scale of assistance specialists and providers. Linkham prides itself as a specialist in the end-to-end delivery of insurance solutions to the financial services, aviation, brokerage and cards payments sectors.

Resolution insurance is a leading composite insurance provider in Kenya offering medical and general insurance for individuals, families, SMEs and corporates both local and foreign. The company receive its licence in 2013 from the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). As a result, Resolution now offers many types of general insurances like motor vehicle, household, WIBA and personal accident insurance, liability insurance among a list of other covers.  Resolution as a firm has coverage across the East African region with representation in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and South Sudan.

The travel insurance covers different risks, liability, mishaps, losses including trip cancellation/curtailment, emergency medical expenses up to USD 1 million, personal accident, emergency dental/optical treatment, loss or delay of checked in luggage, missed or cancelled departures and connections among a long list of additional liabilities covered. It is important to check on the schedule of your travel insurance quote for a detailed breakdown of coverage and limits.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

The Resolution travel insurance has seven products corresponding the areas of travel covered and also the level of benefits the cover provided. These options are the Kenya, Africa, Europe, Worldwide Standard, Worldwide Premier and last but not least Worldwide Student.  This annual student cover is popular with students undertaking their education in foreign universities who are mandated to have an insurance cover for the duration of their course. Where the Resolution cover is unique, it offers travel cover for those travelling internally in Kenya and this is one of the most affordable options as per the table below Resolution has partnered with Linkham services from 2015 when it was started as the global partner for offering assistance to travellers outside Kenya, all emergencies can be handled by calling the contacts provided on the policy schedule or documentation.

Resolution Travel insurance rates:

This has one of the cheapest and most unique travel insurances starting from KSh 1,308 for travelling up to 7 days within Kenya.  For other packages like the popular Schengen and World Wide covers, the rates for the different durations as per table below:

1-7 22 38
8-14 38 67
15-21 56 99
22-30 69 130
31-45 91 160
46-60 108 190
180 NA NA
365 NA NA
Annual Multi Trip 295 384

Heritage Travel Insurance

Heritage offers five different travel insurance plans for Kenyans travelling overseas at competitive rates in the market.

Heritage Insurance is an international insurance company in Kenya which deals in both both general and medical insurance covers to several segments including  individuals, SMEs and corporate customers. The company has its origins in South Africa as part of the Liberty Group. In Kenya it is closely associated with Liberty Life which is a top provider of life assurance products and investments for a wide range of clientele in the East African region.

Liberty is one of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa with its headquarters in South Africa. Further still it is also closely related to the Standard group from South Africa, which has local presence in the region under the Stanbic Bank brand. Its sister company Stanbic Bank is the leading commercial bank in Uganda.

Heritage offers 5 standard travel insurance plans targeting all geographical areas world wide with specific packages tailored for individuals, students and corporates.  It enjoys a large share of the travel insurance market among corporate customers and also the travel agencies market. These sell travel insurance covers as part of their holiday and business travel packages. The five travel insurance plans offered by Heritage are Smart Plan Plus, Smart Plan, Budget Plan, Schengen and Student plan.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

The different plans differ by the limits of cover/liability that are offered. The highest cover provides up to USD 325,000 for emergency medical expenses all the way down to USD 50,000 for the Schengen and Student plans. For a complete comparison of the different plans available from Heritage insurance, check out the details on the brochure.

The below table summarises the main benefits offered across the Heritage travel insurance plans and their respective limits

Benefit Smart Plan Plus Smart Plan Budget Plan Schengen Student
Medical expenses $325,000 $200,000 $100,000 $50,000 $50,000
Cancellation & Curtailment $2,000 $1,500 Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered
Baggage Delay $200 $200 $50 for each 12hrs $50 for each 12hrs $50 for each 12hrs
Travel Delay $50 for each 4hr delay Not Covered $10 per hour max $50 $50 for each 12hrs $50 for each 12hrs


If you are looking for a comprehensive travel insurance plan at a good price, complete list of how to get the cheapest travel insurance covers for Kenyan citizens and residents, simply fill your travel plans on this page and get a comparative instant travel insurance quote

CIC Travel Insurance

CIC offers 5 distinct travel insurance plans with worldwide coverage at competitive prices in the market. Let’s take a look at CIC in more detail and what its travel insurance covers entail.

CIC Insurance is part of CIC Group which is perhaps the largest insurance company in the East and Central region having its headquarters in Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya.  It is a composite financial services firm in the region, offering general, medical, life insurances, asset management, pensions and annuities in addition to investment products. CIC is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and is one of only a handful of insurance companies. In 2012, it was awarded the Annual Insurance Claims Settlement Award by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) of Kenya for its outstanding service quality.

CIC offers all general insurance covers in the market and is a leader in car insurance products in Kenya. CIC is the biggest car insurance company as per the IRA statistic released in 2018 for year ending December 2017.

CIC in conjunction with Specialty Assist Ltd (part of the Collinson Group), a UK global assistance network offer customers peace of mind when travelling overseas.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

CIC travel insurance cover is divided into Gold, Silver, Diamond, Budget and Student in descending order of cover limits. All these plans offer worldwide geographical cover unlike most other insurers in the Kenyan market that have region specific travel insurance plans.

The below is a brief summary of the key benefits of the CIC Worldwide BUDGET travel insurance plan. For a full breakdown of the benefits, please check on the product brochure

Emergency medical related expenses   50,000
Terrorism, hostage, hijack or wrongful detention Included
Accidental Death   5,000
Journey Cancellation 1,000
Travel Delay 100 
Travel Luggage Loss 500 single limit 25%
Luggage Delay 75
CIC Travel Insurance Rates

Of all the biggest insurance companies in the market, CIC has perhaps the cheapest travel insurance rates. The BUDGET travel insurance plan starts as low as USD 20 for a trip lasting up to 8 days for a single adult up to 70 years old. For the same plan, the Annual Multi Trip cover is USD 350 for an adult up to 66 years old. This BUDGET option is perfect for visitors requiring travel insurance as a requirement for the Schengen Visa Application process. It covers for USD 50,000 for the emergency medical expenses well above the mandatory EUROS 30,000 required by Schengen consulates in Kenya.


If you want to get a good deal on your travel insurance, compare CIC travel insurance with other providers, check on the benefits, limits and also the rates and buy your cover online. Check out the covers on the online platform

AIG Chartis Travel Insurance Cover

AIG travel insurance is one of the most popular covers on the market in Kenya, the company has a premium brand and has managed to attract a strong list of clientele in retail and corporate segment.

AIG Insurance Kenya is a subsidiary of the global AIG Insurance based in the United States. Originally, AIG traded under the name Chartis worldwide until November 2012 when it came to the brand AIG with the promise “Bring On Tomorrow”. It is for this reason that many customers in the Kenyan market associate AIG insurance with Chartis. For many travellers, it is a well known brand, having partnered with Kenya Airways (KQ) in 2009 to offer travellers some of the best travel insurance policies together with flight tickets booked on the airline website.

AIG is one of the largest general insurance companies in the world serving more than 70 million commercial and consumer clients worldwide featuring the largest share of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies.

AIG has operated in the Kenyan market since 1972 under the names Alico and later Chartis Kenya. The company is majority owned by AIG International with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) having minority shareholding.

AIG in Kenya has positioned itself as a premium brand in the market offering a wide range of general insurance products as well as specialist insurance products to a wide range of customers. In addition, it has become well known for fast claims processing across the industry.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

AIG Travel Guard

This is one of the most popular covers in the market especially among the high end of the market. With a global assistance network from its parent company, the cover boasts a strong reputation in the market. It boasts of 5 main options namely Premier Travel, Inbound, Worldwide Students, Schengen and Seniors.

The below table shows the main plans under the AIG Travel Guard and their emergency medical expenses limits

Travel Package Emergency Medical Expenses Limit
Premier Travel 200,000
Inbound 100,000
Worldwide Students 60,000
Schengen 75,000
Seniors 75,000
AIG Travel Insurance Rates

Across the range of different plans under the AIG travel guard, prices start from as low USD 25 depending on the option selected. For example, the popular Schengen travel insurance plan starts from USD 25 for journeys up to 6 days.

The worldwide cover Premier Travel  with the highest aggregate limit starts from USD 38 for travel of up 6 days. For the frequent travellers requiring this premium plan, the annual policy goes for USD 500 for any one person up to 70 years old.


Are you looking for a quote for your travel insurance to the Schengen countries or other destinations? Get travel insurance from as low KSh 1,000 by comparing different quotes online on this portal. Let us get in contact with you by leaving your details on our chat box.

Best Schengen Travel Insurance in Kenya

When shopping for Schengen travel insurance online, compare different options so that you can save up to 40% on your premiums and get a more comprehensive protection.

Did you know that there are states in Europe that have no passport or border controls on their mutual borders and visitors to these states can travel in any of them with just one visa!?

The region covering these states is known as the Schengen region and it comprises of 26 countries namely Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malta, Germany and Greece. The visa issued is also referred to as a Schengen visa.

However, United Kingdom countries such as England and Scotland do not lie in the Schengen region and therefore travellers to these countries must acquire separate visas at the embassy in their local countries.

In Kenya, one can apply for a Schengen visa at VFS Global processing center which processes visas for many of the Schengen consulates and embassies in the country. The center is located in Westlands, Nairobi. For a complete breakdown of the process involved, costs and requirements, please verify with the local embassy/consular page of the country you are travelling to.

Among the important requirements to be met when applying for a Schengen visa, Kenyan travellers need to have in place a Schengen travel insurance cover, return air ticket, proof of accommodation during their stay in Schengen and invitation letter if travelling say to visit relatives.

The travel insurance cover must cover emergency medical services with a minimum of 30,000 Euros and the cost of the cover is based on number of days of travel period and coverage needed. If travelling around the world and in need of more coverage, the cover will be expensive than if the converse were true.

Travel insurance also covers other risks such as loss of baggage, flight delays and cancellations, hijack among others. A traveller should thus look for a cover that is not only cheap but one that provides adequate coverage as well. Therefore when shopping for travel insurance online, it is important to

Kenyan travellers can compare insurance online and get discounts when shopping for travel insurance cover to the Schengen region. The cheapest options are offered by the below insurers;

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!


First assurance offers a basic travel cover known as Europe Low Cost as well as Europe Plus travel insurance. The insurance cover is underwritten by MapFree assistencia and covers emergency medical expenses up to a limit of 30,000 Euros. In the event of death, the cover also caters for repatriation costs of mortal remains . It also covers the loss of in checked baggage and loss of any travel / ID documents and delays unlike most of the other basic covers on the market. Europe Plus option offers added benefits for the death or personal disablement of the insured and will pay out up USD 25,000 if a claim is lodged.

Pricing: Starts from USD 30 per person for journeys of up to 32 days


This is one of the most recent products introduced in the market still provided by the Spanish company MAPFRE. Occidental travel insurance is undoubtedly the cheapest travel insurance on the market introduced after the successful rebranding of the company to its white and green colors.

Occidental has 3 travel plans for Europe, namely the Basic, Plus and Extra. The most recommended option is the Extra option, which offers up to USD 100,000 emergency medical expenses limit.

Price: From USD 15 for travel up to 7 days

Europe Travel France
Eiffel Tower in Paris

Being an international insurance company, AIG Kenya travel insurance is very popular owing to its brand. It covers medical expenses and offers travel guard benefits up to USD 75,000 each. AIG also offers some of the best assistance and rescue solutions due to its international status and worldwide network.

Pricing: Starts from USD 25 per person


CIC Kenya offers 5 world international travel insurances all underwritten by Specialty Assistance. The CIC Budget International travel cover is most suitable for travellers to the Schengen region and it covers emergency medical expenses up to a limit of USD 50,000.

Pricing starts from $20 per person for trips up to 8 days


Jubilee insurance offers one of the cheapest rates for travel insurance with the cost of the policy being $1.10 per person per day. This means, instead of charging the premium payable for a block of days, the rate is charged per each day of travel. This is different from all the other providers in the market that charge for a block of days usually with a minimum of 7 days.

The Jubilee Express travel insurance is the most suitable package for travellers to the Schengen region. It covers emergency medical expenses to a USD 45,000 limit, loss of baggage, flight delays and cancellations among others.

Pricing: USD 1.10 per person per day


Old Mutual UAP is an insurance powerhouse in East Africa, established after the merger of UAP and Old Mutual, the giant in financial services globally. UAP Old Mutual is partnered with AXA worldwide to offer these international travel insurance covers to consumers in Kenya. Inter Partner Assistance offers Payment Of Medical Bills Abroad, Emergency evacuation and repatriation, In hospital monitoring, Emergency information and assistant, Return of mortal remains, Legal assistance. The Schengen travel insurance option offers an emergency limit of up to USD 80,000 but does not offer cover for travel delays and cancellations and also baggage loss and delays.

Price: Starts from USD 25 for trips of up to 8 days

It is prudent to note that travel insurance policies cover flight delays and cancellations that are occasioned by the airline or due to acts of terrorism among others. For such a claim to be admissible there must be evidence of the airline admitting the same. If one misses a flight for any other reason that the airline is not party to, then the claim may not be admissible.

If you are in Kenya and in need of a travel insurance cover for a Schengen visa application, check out this page for a comparison online travel insurance quotes. You could save up to 40% on your travel cover

ICEA Lion Travel Insurance

ICEA Lion is a composite insurance provider in East Africa headquartered in Kenya. It has one of the best travel insurance covers with wide range of benefits and high limits of liability catering for all kinds of travellers, business, leisure and sports.

ICEA Lion is a one-stop financial services provider in Kenya and in the region as well. It offers asset management, investments, pensions, trusts and last but not least insurance to small and large customers. It is one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the market having been founded in 1964. It is a top five general insurance company with a large asset base of KSh 11 Billion and funds under investment of over KSh 7 Billions. ICEA Lion offers all the common general insurance covers in the market on top of specialised products like aviation insurance, pet insurances amongst others. In this line it also offers the common short-term travel insurance covers for customers travelling worldwide. The company had one of the most exciting advertisement series covering the importance of taking a travel cover. The far-reaching commercials stimulated the Kenyan market and made consumers appreciate the importance of having a travel cover although a light and informative video series.

International Assistance Partnership

ICEA Lion has partnered with INTANA GLOBAL to offer assistance for customers during the course of their policy. This is an international provider of worldwide travel, medical and security solutions with over 40,000 partners and service providers. It is headquartered in the UK and it is part of the Collinson Group of companies.

Customers travelling worldwide and in need of emergency assistance are advised to call this Intana Global for assistance as per the contacts in the policy note.

What is the ICEA Lion Travel Insurance?

This is an international cover, which covers travelers for unexpected medical expenses when they are overseas. It provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur before a trip starts and while you are traveling, including medical emergencies, cancellations and more as highlighted in the below schedule.
It can be purchased for short and long trips.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!

Why do I need ICEA Lion Travel Insurance?

Like any other insurance plan, travel insurance mitigates the risk of financial loss that can be insured when unforeseen events occur. Perhaps the most compelling reason for buying this insurance is that it can insure your financial investment if your trip has to be cancelled. It also provides financial and logic support if your trip is interrupted, you experience a medical Emergency, you need assistance in a foreign country, your bags are lost and more.

Below is a summary of the benefits of the ICEA EUROPE travel insurance cover

Emergency Medical Expenses 75,000.00
Medical Evacuation in case of Illness or Accident 15,000.00
Emergency Dental Care 500.00
Daily Hospital Benefits 50 per day Max 500
Repatriation of family Member travelling with Insured 2,500.00
Repatriation of Mortal Remains/ Burial Expenses 5,000.00
Follow up Treatment in Kenya 500.00
Travel of One Immediate Family Member 1,500.00
Emergency Return Home Following Death of a Close family member Covered
Assistance Services: Cash Advance, consular referral, emergency accommodation, travel arrangements and transmission of urgent messages Assistance Service
Personal Accident 15,000.00
Loss of Baggage (students – Loss of checked Baggage)  
Single Article Limit 250.00
Delay of Checked Baggage 500.00
Travel Delay 350.00
Missed Departure 500.00
Loss of Passport 200.00
Legal Assistance 7,500.00
Hijack 800.00
  Per day 100
Trip Cancellation and Curtailment 1,000.00
Advance Bail Bond – Not applicable to student cover 10,000.00
Personal Liability 75,000.00

If you are looking for a travel insurance cover for business, holiday including skiing and snow sports, get in touch with us to explore your options. Compare different plans and see how much you could save on your cover. Check out our portal on here to get a comprehensive breakdown of the different plans in the market.

Jubilee Travel Insurance Cover

Jubilee is the biggest insurance company in the region and offers some of the most flexible and cost friendly travel plans on the market starting as low as USD 1 per day

Jubilee insurance company is the largest insurer in East Africa with over 450,000 clients and headquarters in Kenya. Jubilee insurance is also present in Pakistan and offers a wide range of covers for retail and corporate clients. It is a group company of the Aga Khan group of companies, one of the largest business conglomerates, this comprises of the Aga Khan hospital in Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), Standard Media and many other companies all the way from Afghanistan to Canada.

Jubilee is ranked Number 1 in the market share with 11.9% of the Kenyan market according to the latest report from the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI). The Jubilee travel insurance cover provides easy claim, express payments and offers available worldwide travel assistance though their partnership with Mapfre Asistencia. Jubilee is a leader in technology and innovation in the market, being one of the pioneers of the online insurance sales portals for most of its general insurance products. Customers in Kenya use these portals for self-service to raise inquiries or check their policies. The Jubilee automated chat bot was one of the first products to introduce artificial intelligence in the Kenyan insurance market.

Compare 10 travel insurance quotes online!


MAPFRE is a global insurance operating worldwide. It has the largest travel assistance network in the world with more than 3150 points of assistance on all 5 countries including hospitals, emergency centers, ambulances and air ambulance. It provides assistance to travellers anywhere around the world and in their own language though their international assistance network.

The Jubilee insurance offers a range of various plans depending on geographical location one is travelling to, with different limits and benefits. The different options offered include travel superior, travel classic, travel essential, travel express, travel global visa and travel Africa.

The Jubilee travel insurance also offer cover for seniors between the ages of 70-79 years, through their travel seniors package which is a rarity in the Kenyan market.

Below is a summary of the limits of cover in Euros for individuals on travel Africa package.

Emergency medical expenses   Excess 20,000     67
Emergency medical repatriation expenses   Real expenses
Emergency medical evacuation Actual expenses    
Supplementary expenses Accompanying family memberBurial expensesReturn of mortal remainsReturn of children   1000   1000 Actual expenses   1,000  
Medical and personal assistance Assistance service
Security assistance services   Not applicable
cancellation 750  
Curtailment, alteration, re- arrangement 750
Travel delay 200  
Missed connection 200  
Jubilee Insurance Travel Rates

The cost of the Jubilee travel covers varies depending on the package, numbers of days to be covered and also the number of persons insured. As example, for the Africa plan the rates varies between 1.77 USD to 0.55 USD within 1 – 180 days while for travel superior package basic the rates is between 19.55 USD to 6.90 USD for 1- 180 days. This marks the biggest difference with the rest of the market in Kenya, more the number of days covered the cheaper the rate. What is different about the Jubilee travel insurance rates is the pricing methodology. While most other companies in Kenya price their cover plans for Kenyan citizens in brackets of number of days e.g. 1-7 days, Jubilee rates are per day of travel. This makes it much cheaper for shorter travels and it one of the reasons it is popular with consumers on the market.


Compare quotes online at the touch of your fingertips via mobile, tablet, desktop all online, to see how much you could save. Speak to our travel insurance experts and buy your travel insurance cover online hassle free.

Start by getting a quote on




Top Travel Destinations In Kenya

Kenya is a magical country with tourist destination points everywhere you turn; including my mother’s back yard.

From being the cradle land of mankind, being home to black panthers and having snowcapped mountains on the equator, a safari to Kenya is a must have item on one’s bucket list.

Among the many famous destinations for travellers, below are the must places to visit for any foreign or local wanting to experience the best Kenya has to offer.

Nairobi City

Apart from being the capital of Kenya, the city of Nairobi boasts having a national park right within its heart. A ten minutes’ drive from the city center lays the Nairobi National park which is a must destination point for anyone in the city, whether for business or leisure purposes. The metropolitan sets a picture perfect background for the wide, open grass plains that host a variety of wildlife and over 400 bird species that call the park home. Here, visitors can see Kenya’s pride that includes cheetahs, lions, black rhino, gazelles, pigmy hippo, leopards, zebras, ostriches and alligators just to name a few.

While in the city, one can also visit the national museum, go hiking at Karura forest or Ngong hills, feed Rothschild’s giraffes at the Giraffe Center or bond with orphaned baby elephants and rhinos at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Check out the views of Nairobi from the iconic rooftop of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Located in the Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara national reserve is considered Kenya’s top travel destination. One can witness the breath taking event of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles crossing the mighty Mara River and surviving the Nile crocodiles that reside in it during the Great Migration. The world renown event takes place between July to October and attracts thousands of international visitors.

At Maasai Mara, one can see the Big 5 all in their natural habitat, 450 bird species, giraffes and most wild animals in Kenya as the ecosystem in the Mara is perfect. Riding in a hot air balloon over the reserve affords one a bird’s eye view of the reserve and the life within it.

Lake Nakuru National Park.

Also locatedin the Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru National park is renowned for its bird population; especially the huge flocks of flamingos. There can be over a million flamingoes at a time that make the lake seem like its pink in color.

The park also hosts a variety of native African animals including giraffes, warthogs, impalas, buffalos, leopards, elands among many others. Game viewers can also spot herds of hippos in the northern part of the lake as well as the rhinos that call the park home.

Mount Kenya

Standing at a height of 5,199 meters, Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya, the second tallest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and a designated World Heritage Site. It comprises of 3 peak points i. e. Batian, Nelion and Lenana ; which are best seen at dawn.

The mountain peaks are covered with snow, its slopes dense with montane and alpine vegetation and streams of clear fresh water flow from the mountain forests and water billions of Kenyan citizens.

The mountain sits in Mount Kenya National park. It is a habitat for over 130 bird species, elephants, mongoose, bushbucks, water buck, leopards, bongo and giant forest hog. Visitors to the site can enjoy various activities such as mountain climbing, camping, trekking and visiting the various caves in the park. A hike to the peak of the mountain is a bucket list item for millions of adventure seekers and leisure tourists.

The Coastal Islands

Lamu Island is Kenya’s oldest living town. It is a top travel destination by virtue of its age and character that it has maintained over the centuries. The town’s buildings are a replica of Arab architecture since the town was founded by Arab traders and prospered by slave trade. There are no roads on the island, but rather footpaths and alleys. Donkeys are common sights as they transport humans, goods and materials.

Malindi is yet another beautiful island on the coast of Kenya. Lined with extensive coral reefs, colorful fish and unending beaches, the island is quite a beauty. The Vasco da Gama pillar built by the Portuguese in 1498 is one of the oldest European monuments in the region and must see site in Malindi. One can also visit the Malindi Marine National park and Malindi Museum and enjoy viewing the vast marine life on the coastal island.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, dhow excursions, fishing are just but a few of the water activities that can be enjoyed on the clear waters in these islands.

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