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Madison is a composite insurance company in Kenya offering general, medical, life insurance products for a wide variety of clients. In addition it also offers investment services under the Madison investment managers brand. It has 4 different funds, which are very popular in the Kenyan retail market.
Headquartered in Upper Hill Nairobi, it is a top tier insurance provider in the Kenyan market with a recognisable brand presence. Founded in 1988 it has evolved to become a powerhouse in the financial services industry boasting an asset base of over KSh 5 billions
Among its most popular products is the Bima Ya Karo product which allows parents to save up for school fees for their children over the policy period. From as low as KSh 10,000 they can guarantee the education of their loved ones even in the unfortunate event of illness, disability or even death.

Travel Insurance

Madison has a new and revamped product in the market to replace its original Safari Travel Insurance with a brand new product in partnership with the Spanish insurance company MAPFRE. The product is now called Madison Travel Protect. It has 6 new plans tailored for different travellers namely the Africa, Asia, Europe and Worldwide (Basic, Plus, Extra)
The Madison Travel Protect is also on the panel of approved travel insurance products for the Schengen visa as per this link

Benefit Limit (USD)
Medical expenses and hospitalisation 15,000
Emergency medical evacuation in case of illness or accident 15,000
Emergency dental care 100
Repatriation of mortal remains 10,000
Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured 1,500
24 hours assistance services Covered
Delivery of medicines (services only) Covered
Loss of passport, Driving licence, National ID card abroad 500
Compensation for In-flight loss of checked-in baggage 1,500
Luggage Delay 250
Forwarding of baggage and personal belongings Actual Cost

The Africa / Asia Plan showing benefits and limits of liability in USD


This is once again of the most affordable plans on the market today. It starts from as low as USD 11 for up to 4 days of travel within the African continent. For those interested in the Schengen visa option, it starts from as low as USD 14 for up to 4 days of travel across Europe. The Worldwide option starts from USD 26 for 4 days of travel.

Travel Insurance Quote

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