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FAQ’s About Travel Insurance In Kenya

If you are applying for a visa to travel to foreign countries, you may need a travel insurance as a requirement for your visa application. Check your visa requirements carefully to know what type of travel insurance you will need.
In bound travel insurance is for travellers whose destination is Kenya e.g. foreign tourists, business people, etc. Outbound travel insurance is for Kenyan nationals and residents departing for travel from Kenya.
Duration of travel in number of days, Age of applicant : older applicants may be charged higher rates, this will normally apply from 60 years and older Country or countries destination : worldwide cover is more expensive than single country cover. You may also be charged higher rates for travel to countries or regions deemed to be of high security risk Purpose of travel : travel insurance for hazardous activities like winter sports will be charged at higher rates, Scope and limits of travel insurance : higher insurance limits for benefits like emergency medical expenses are charged higher.