List of Approved Schengen Travel Insurance Companies in Kenya

For all travellers from Kenya travelling to the Schengen region, a travel insurance cover is required as part of the application process. The Schengen region is a product of the free movement brought about by the creation of the European Union and launch of the Euro in 2000. As a result, members of the European Union can move and work in member states without requiring special permits or documentation. The Schengen is a subset of the European Union member countries meaning not all European countries are members of the Schengen region. With the pending exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (BREXIT) many sceptics are questioning the future of the bloc.

Some of the notable countries not in the Schengen region include

United Kingdom






Why Travel Insurance?

The Schengen region requires all travellers from non-Schengen countries to have approved travel insurance with a minimum liability of 30,000 Euros for emergency medical expenses.  This is to cater for any emergencies like accidents or sudden illness while in the Schengen region. Therefore, the traveller does not encroach on the host state’s medical services in this event. One of the main problems that European countries have been facing in the last 20 years is free medical tourism. This is where travellers from lower income countries mainly Asia and Africa visit European nations and seek medical attention, which is state funded and therefore free of charge. A good example of this is the National Health Service (NHS) in England, which has suffered under the strain of health tourists.

How Does It Work?

The travel insurance policy purchased in Kenya is sold by a local insurance company in the market and distributed through travel agencies, insurance brokers and agents, online portals like and more. The local insurance company offers this policy on behalf of an international insurance company or global assistance/rescue company like AIG, Mapfre, Linkham, Assistencia, etc. In case of emergency assistance while travelling abroad, customers can contact these international companies from the contact details noted on the travel insurance policy document.

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List of approved insurance companies in Kenya

As of 21st November 2018, these are the companies that are pre – approved to offer travel insurance for the Schengen region.


List last updated 21st November 2018. Original document

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In our series on top tourist destinations around the world, we explore Europe and give some of the most notable sights to visit on the continent

Around 1.8 million years, the first humans from Africa arrived in the continent of Europe and by 16,000 BCE, human civilizations were already flourishing in most of Europe. The continent since then has undergone many transformations; e.g rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the renaissance period, and even both World Wars; all of which have left a history in the European culture, architecture, cuisine and even fashion. It is these history and culture that developed and are still prospering in Europe that most travellers would like to explore and learn more of.

Given its vast size, the continent has innumerable and bedazzling travel destinations. Below is a sneak preview of some of the popular destinations.


Italy is a must stop destination for travellers to Europe. It has set its mark as a destination point for shoppers, business persons and those travelling for the sheer pleasure of having a good time, as the fashion, cuisine and culture are all extraordinary experiences.

St. Peter’s Square is one of the largest, most beautiful and breathtaking squares in the world. Located in the Vatican City in Rome, the square was designed by Bernini in the seventeenth century and houses over 300,000 people. The Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica are also places one must visit while in Rome.

Venice, also known as the sinking city of canals, offers travellers the extraordinary sight of palaces perched atop underwater poles. Travellers can marvel at the sight as they take Gondola rides along the canals. Equally, one can have a view of the city and the Grand Canal from the Ponte di Rialto Bridge.

Other activities a traveller can engage in in Italy include taking a boat ride on Lake Como, wine tasting in the vineyards of Tuscany, visiting the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa, the Statue of David and Renaissance treasures in Florence and the Islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Outdoor activities include skiing the Italian alps, hiking the Cinque Terre and trekking through Sardinia. One may also attend opera in Verona’s Roman arena, learn how to make homemade pasta in Bologna, see the preserved ancient city of Pompeii or for fashionistas visit the Gucci Museo museum.


One can travel back and forth in time as they visit the olden forts, castles, palaces, museums, universities and parks in the mini-continent of Britain. With advanced transport modes such as electric trains and modern buses, one can traverse the region with minimum time spent in transit.

The 1000 year old Tower of London on the banks of river Thames was a former palace and prison. History lovers can see the armor, weaponry and the crown Jewels which are all on display here. At the Buckingham palace, home to the Britain’s Royal Family, visitors can witness the pompous changing of the Guard and even tour the Palace’s state rooms. While still in London, one can also visit the Parliament Buildings, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey which is a location of many royal weddings.

Outside London, the city of Bath which is named after its famous Roman baths is another travel destination with visitors frequenting it for its healing waters. much as one can’t actually bath in the water from the three hot springs because its temperature is 46.50C, a visit to one of the many spas in the city will surely make you feel healed. The Royal Crescent museum in the city also gives visitors an idea of what life was like during the Georgian times.

Cambridge and Oxford universities are famous universities known all over the world and some of the oldest higher learning institutions in the world. A visit to either university gives one the chance to explore the UK’s largest collection of preserved historic buildings; with oldest being founded way back in 1284. Most of these are located in Cambridge University.

A trip to the UK will not be complete without visiting some of earth’s oldest World Heritage Sites. Ancient Stonehenge was erected over 4,500 years ago as a place of worship and here, visitors are not only awed by the magnificent monument but also the scale of human ingenuity. Just 16 Kilometers south of Stonehenge is the medieval city of Salisbury which is home to an original Magna Carta. The cathedrals in the old city date back to 1220 and as one wanders  in the city, they can marvel at the medieval architecture.

Needless to say, UK is home to renown football club such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool just to name a few. I bet watching a soccer match at the old Trafford stadium will be a big check on most travellers’ to-do lists.


A stop in France is a mandatory for travellers to Europe. Disney land is also another major destination point, for children and adults alike.

The Capital, Paris, receives over 45 million visitors annually. It is renowned for its romantic ambience, and command in industries like business, entertainment, gastronomy, fashion and art and culture. Thousands of selfies out here should pay homage to the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Other iconic landmarks in the ‘City of Love’ are Arc de Triomphe , Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay. The river Seine which flows right through the heart of Paris is not only a commerce and transportation avenue but also offers viewers a reflection of the modern city.

A trip to the Bordeaux vineyards for wine enthusiasts will surely satisfy their palates as here one can taste some of the highest quality wines and champagnes the world has to offer, right from the casks.

For nature enthusiasts, the French Alps is the ultimate destination, with Mont Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps) being the most famous sight. Given the magnificent scenery in the area, most visitors engage in outdoor activities including mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and biking.

While in Europe, one can attend the infamous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and take part in this famous beer festival.  While in still Germany, one can visit the remaining standing portions of the Berlin wall at Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstag in Berlin. The buzzing night life in Cologne will be a fun way to cap a trip in the country.


If you are travelling to Europe, don’t forget to get a comprehensive travel insurance cover against any emergency medical expenses in case of an accident. It also covers against travel delays, lost passport/IDs, delayed and lost buggage. To compare quotes online and get a good deal on your Europe travel insurance, check out

Best Schengen Travel Insurance in Kenya

When shopping for Schengen travel insurance online, compare different options so that you can save up to 40% on your premiums and get a more comprehensive protection.

Did you know that there are states in Europe that have no passport or border controls on their mutual borders and visitors to these states can travel in any of them with just one visa!?

The region covering these states is known as the Schengen region and it comprises of 26 countries namely Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malta, Germany and Greece. The visa issued is also referred to as a Schengen visa.

However, United Kingdom countries such as England and Scotland do not lie in the Schengen region and therefore travellers to these countries must acquire separate visas at the embassy in their local countries.

In Kenya, one can apply for a Schengen visa at VFS Global processing center which processes visas for many of the Schengen consulates and embassies in the country. The center is located in Westlands, Nairobi. For a complete breakdown of the process involved, costs and requirements, please verify with the local embassy/consular page of the country you are travelling to.

Among the important requirements to be met when applying for a Schengen visa, Kenyan travellers need to have in place a Schengen travel insurance cover, return air ticket, proof of accommodation during their stay in Schengen and invitation letter if travelling say to visit relatives.

The travel insurance cover must cover emergency medical services with a minimum of 30,000 Euros and the cost of the cover is based on number of days of travel period and coverage needed. If travelling around the world and in need of more coverage, the cover will be expensive than if the converse were true.

Travel insurance also covers other risks such as loss of baggage, flight delays and cancellations, hijack among others. A traveller should thus look for a cover that is not only cheap but one that provides adequate coverage as well. Therefore when shopping for travel insurance online, it is important to

Kenyan travellers can compare insurance online and get discounts when shopping for travel insurance cover to the Schengen region. The cheapest options are offered by the below insurers;

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First assurance offers a basic travel cover known as Europe Low Cost as well as Europe Plus travel insurance. The insurance cover is underwritten by MapFree assistencia and covers emergency medical expenses up to a limit of 30,000 Euros. In the event of death, the cover also caters for repatriation costs of mortal remains . It also covers the loss of in checked baggage and loss of any travel / ID documents and delays unlike most of the other basic covers on the market. Europe Plus option offers added benefits for the death or personal disablement of the insured and will pay out up USD 25,000 if a claim is lodged.

Pricing: Starts from USD 30 per person for journeys of up to 32 days


This is one of the most recent products introduced in the market still provided by the Spanish company MAPFRE. Occidental travel insurance is undoubtedly the cheapest travel insurance on the market introduced after the successful rebranding of the company to its white and green colors.

Occidental has 3 travel plans for Europe, namely the Basic, Plus and Extra. The most recommended option is the Extra option, which offers up to USD 100,000 emergency medical expenses limit.

Price: From USD 15 for travel up to 7 days

Europe Travel France
Eiffel Tower in Paris

Being an international insurance company, AIG Kenya travel insurance is very popular owing to its brand. It covers medical expenses and offers travel guard benefits up to USD 75,000 each. AIG also offers some of the best assistance and rescue solutions due to its international status and worldwide network.

Pricing: Starts from USD 25 per person


CIC Kenya offers 5 world international travel insurances all underwritten by Specialty Assistance. The CIC Budget International travel cover is most suitable for travellers to the Schengen region and it covers emergency medical expenses up to a limit of USD 50,000.

Pricing starts from $20 per person for trips up to 8 days


Jubilee insurance offers one of the cheapest rates for travel insurance with the cost of the policy being $1.10 per person per day. This means, instead of charging the premium payable for a block of days, the rate is charged per each day of travel. This is different from all the other providers in the market that charge for a block of days usually with a minimum of 7 days.

The Jubilee Express travel insurance is the most suitable package for travellers to the Schengen region. It covers emergency medical expenses to a USD 45,000 limit, loss of baggage, flight delays and cancellations among others.

Pricing: USD 1.10 per person per day


Old Mutual UAP is an insurance powerhouse in East Africa, established after the merger of UAP and Old Mutual, the giant in financial services globally. UAP Old Mutual is partnered with AXA worldwide to offer these international travel insurance covers to consumers in Kenya. Inter Partner Assistance offers Payment Of Medical Bills Abroad, Emergency evacuation and repatriation, In hospital monitoring, Emergency information and assistant, Return of mortal remains, Legal assistance. The Schengen travel insurance option offers an emergency limit of up to USD 80,000 but does not offer cover for travel delays and cancellations and also baggage loss and delays.

Price: Starts from USD 25 for trips of up to 8 days

It is prudent to note that travel insurance policies cover flight delays and cancellations that are occasioned by the airline or due to acts of terrorism among others. For such a claim to be admissible there must be evidence of the airline admitting the same. If one misses a flight for any other reason that the airline is not party to, then the claim may not be admissible.

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