ICEA Lion Travel Insurance

ICEA Lion is a composite insurance provider in East Africa headquartered in Kenya. It has one of the best travel insurance covers with wide range of benefits and high limits of liability catering for all kinds of travellers, business, leisure and sports.

ICEA Lion is a one-stop financial services provider in Kenya and in the region as well. It offers asset management, investments, pensions, trusts and last but not least insurance to small and large customers. It is one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the market having been founded in 1964. It is a top five general insurance company with a large asset base of KSh 11 Billion and funds under investment of over KSh 7 Billions. ICEA Lion offers all the common general insurance covers in the market on top of specialised products like aviation insurance, pet insurances amongst others. In this line it also offers the common short-term travel insurance covers for customers travelling worldwide. The company had one of the most exciting advertisement series covering the importance of taking a travel cover. The far-reaching commercials stimulated the Kenyan market and made consumers appreciate the importance of having a travel cover although a light and informative video series.

International Assistance Partnership

ICEA Lion has partnered with INTANA GLOBAL to offer assistance for customers during the course of their policy. This is an international provider of worldwide travel, medical and security solutions with over 40,000 partners and service providers. It is headquartered in the UK and it is part of the Collinson Group of companies.

Customers travelling worldwide and in need of emergency assistance are advised to call this Intana Global for assistance as per the contacts in the policy note.

What is the ICEA Lion Travel Insurance?

This is an international cover, which covers travelers for unexpected medical expenses when they are overseas. It provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur before a trip starts and while you are traveling, including medical emergencies, cancellations and more as highlighted in the below schedule.
It can be purchased for short and long trips.

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Why do I need ICEA Lion Travel Insurance?

Like any other insurance plan, travel insurance mitigates the risk of financial loss that can be insured when unforeseen events occur. Perhaps the most compelling reason for buying this insurance is that it can insure your financial investment if your trip has to be cancelled. It also provides financial and logic support if your trip is interrupted, you experience a medical Emergency, you need assistance in a foreign country, your bags are lost and more.

Below is a summary of the benefits of the ICEA EUROPE travel insurance cover

Emergency Medical Expenses 75,000.00
Medical Evacuation in case of Illness or Accident 15,000.00
Emergency Dental Care 500.00
Daily Hospital Benefits 50 per day Max 500
Repatriation of family Member travelling with Insured 2,500.00
Repatriation of Mortal Remains/ Burial Expenses 5,000.00
Follow up Treatment in Kenya 500.00
Travel of One Immediate Family Member 1,500.00
Emergency Return Home Following Death of a Close family member Covered
Assistance Services: Cash Advance, consular referral, emergency accommodation, travel arrangements and transmission of urgent messages Assistance Service
Personal Accident 15,000.00
Loss of Baggage (students – Loss of checked Baggage)  
Single Article Limit 250.00
Delay of Checked Baggage 500.00
Travel Delay 350.00
Missed Departure 500.00
Loss of Passport 200.00
Legal Assistance 7,500.00
Hijack 800.00
  Per day 100
Trip Cancellation and Curtailment 1,000.00
Advance Bail Bond – Not applicable to student cover 10,000.00
Personal Liability 75,000.00

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