UAP OLD Mutual Travel Insurance

UAP Old Mutual travel in partnership with AXA provides up to 7 options for travellers from Kenya at cost effective rates in the market.

UAP Old Mutual is a financial services powerhouse that was created by the acquisition of UAP Group by the pan African firm Old Mutual in 2015 forming one of the biggest groups in the region. The group comprises of investment, retirement, and insurance and it operates mainly in the Eastern African region

For travel insurance, UAP Old Mutual has partnered with one of the largest financial services company, AXA to offer global cover to consumers in Kenya. AXA is a French multinational insurance company with close to 100 billions Euros as revenue in 2017. It is the world’s 2nd largest financial services provider by revenue.
Inter Partner Assistance is the provider of the worldwide assistance to travellers who are covered on this UAP Old Mutual travel insurance. The services it offers to clients are the below

  • Payment Of Medical Bills Abroad
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • In hospital monitoring
  • Emergency information and assistant
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Legal assistance

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There are 7 different options for this travel insurance offered by UAP Old Mutual namely Business, Holiday, Schengen, Student, Senior, Incoming and last but not least East Africa. This is the only travel insurance plan in Kenya that differentiates between travel for holiday and business and also offers cover for senior citizens which is a rarity.

Below are some of the major benefits of the Schengen travel insurance by UAP Old Mutual.

Medical Expenses and Related Expenses USD 80,000

Medical Transportation, Repatriation & Evacuation USD 25,000
Emergency Dental care

300 USD
Repatriation of children
USD 3,500
Repatriation of travel Companion
USD 3,500
Burial, Cremation or return of mortal remains USD 25,000
Legal Expenses USD 500
Personal Liability USD 50,000
UAP Old Mutual Travel Insurance Rates

The UAP Old Mutual travel insurance rate varies depending on the package that one has chosen from the 7 options listed above.

For the Business package, the rates start at USD 6 per day minimum USD 24 for any trip, for the Schengen trip, the prices start at USD 25 for a trip of up to 8 days making it one of the most affordable packages on the market.

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