RESOLUTION Travel Insurance

Resolution insurance together with the international partnership with Linkham Services offers one of the most popular travel insurance covers on the Kenya market starting from KSh 1,308!

To offer the travel covers in the Kenyan market, Resolution started a partnership with Linkham Services. Thanks to this partnership established in 2013, Resolution travel insurance can be issued online electronically 24hrs 7 days a week and customers are covered worldwide for emergency assistance thanks to its expansive scale of assistance specialists and providers. Linkham prides itself as a specialist in the end-to-end delivery of insurance solutions to the financial services, aviation, brokerage and cards payments sectors.

Resolution insurance is a leading composite insurance provider in Kenya offering medical and general insurance for individuals, families, SMEs and corporates both local and foreign. The company receive its licence in 2013 from the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). As a result, Resolution now offers many types of general insurances like motor vehicle, household, WIBA and personal accident insurance, liability insurance among a list of other covers.  Resolution as a firm has coverage across the East African region with representation in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and South Sudan.

The travel insurance covers different risks, liability, mishaps, losses including trip cancellation/curtailment, emergency medical expenses up to USD 1 million, personal accident, emergency dental/optical treatment, loss or delay of checked in luggage, missed or cancelled departures and connections among a long list of additional liabilities covered. It is important to check on the schedule of your travel insurance quote for a detailed breakdown of coverage and limits.

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The Resolution travel insurance has seven products corresponding the areas of travel covered and also the level of benefits the cover provided. These options are the Kenya, Africa, Europe, Worldwide Standard, Worldwide Premier and last but not least Worldwide Student.  This annual student cover is popular with students undertaking their education in foreign universities who are mandated to have an insurance cover for the duration of their course. Where the Resolution cover is unique, it offers travel cover for those travelling internally in Kenya and this is one of the most affordable options as per the table below Resolution has partnered with Linkham services from 2015 when it was started as the global partner for offering assistance to travellers outside Kenya, all emergencies can be handled by calling the contacts provided on the policy schedule or documentation.

Resolution Travel insurance rates:

This has one of the cheapest and most unique travel insurances starting from KSh 1,308 for travelling up to 7 days within Kenya.  For other packages like the popular Schengen and World Wide covers, the rates for the different durations as per table below:

1-7 22 38
8-14 38 67
15-21 56 99
22-30 69 130
31-45 91 160
46-60 108 190
180 NA NA
365 NA NA
Annual Multi Trip 295 384